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The large volume and wide variety of hazardous & toxic materials in current use, coupled with increasing strigent regulatory requirements, make positive containment and control mandatory.

Valvola Corporation with decades of experience in Design, Development, Manufacturing & Testing of Industrial Valves with expertise in metallurgical techniques. “Valvola” make Butterfly Valves, Ball Valves, Globe Valves, Gate Valves, Bellow Sealed Valves & Check Valves are world class quality enabled “Valvola” to achieve remarkable successes in flow control industry.

“Valvola” hast strong customer focused approached providing flow control solution for the Petrochemical, Thermal & Nuclear Plants, Oil & Gas, Refinery, Chemical, Power, Fertilizer, Paper & Pulp Industries.

Our struggle to put first things first can be characterized by the contrast between two powerful tools that direct us : The Clock and The Compass. The Clock represent our commitments, appointments, schedules, goals, activities—what we do with, and how we manage our time. The Compass represents our vision, values, principles, mission, conscience, direction—what we feel is important and how we lead our lives. In an effort to close the gap between The Clock and The Compass in our lives, many of us turn to the field of “Time Management”.
“Valvola” has adhere with “Customer Needs”.
  • To Deliver high quality products, Shortest lead time & service to the customer.
  • To assist the customers in improving their productivity and quality through innovative solution & technology
  • Continuously upgrade organization through professionalism & latest technology with excellent team work.
  • Fully committed to system driven process
  • Sales & distributors in Metros & other countries.
“Valvola” believes in Customer with shortest lead time, timely Service, wide product rang, globle marketing network. “Valvola” become “Customer preferred Company” world wide.

To become benchmark in flow control industry with one stop shop for all the customers